Increase your vehicle's performance with an ultra-durable, 32 spline rear output assembly. Constructed from high-grade billet aluminum, this assembly is built to withstand the toughest conditions.
Achieve peak performance with the strongest rear output assembly available. Made from billet aluminum, this 32 spline rear output assembly is perfect for high-torque applications. Get ready for unmatched power and reliability with our industry-leading design.

32 spline Billet HD output assembly

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We designed this rear output with buggies in mind, No previsions for speedo sensor means we can keep material where it matters. Top bearing is shimmed rather than use a machined washer so the preload can be set correctly every time.

  • Billet 6061-T6
  • O-ring sealed for no RTV or leaks,
  • Single piece design for strength,
  • 32 spline hardened 8620 output shaft,
  • Timken bearings. 


Made right here in the USA